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Classic 70s and 80s Fantasy Book Covers - The Revenge of Samuel Stokes

I loved this Puffin cover of Penelope Lively's ghostly comic tale when I first saw it in a school book club magazine. So much so I used my pocket money to buy it!

First of all, the kids had BMX's, so that told me they were cool. The modern houses, separated by some huge temple by a pool of floodwater was intriguing. But the whole thing being presided over by the half-turning figure, who could only be the titular phantom, with his clay-pipe and scowl, kind of spooked me, and sold me on it!

The book never really lived up to the cover for me. Back then it all felt a little too silly and light-hearted, when I guess I wanted something seriously spooky. I've not read it since, and yet the cover stayed with me, so much so, I wanted to include it here.

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