Bouncing Light Balls







Jeb Wainwright calls himself the Aldhelm, a protector of something ancient and very powerful.  

His son Cal refuses to believe it's true.

But one night, when his dad is nowhere to be found, and the ravens at the Tower of London are attacked, Cal begins to wonder...

New Edition: Spring 2021



The world is under threat. 

Cal and Janey have not spoken in three years.

Confronted by his biggest test, Cal will have to face it alone.

Unless he can forgive her.

Hiraeth is the forthcoming sequel to Podwitch.

Release Date: Summer 2021

Purple Glow

N J Poulton became enchanted by words from a young age.

His main influences include Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and Neil Gaiman, who he believes reached the pinnacle of interweaving weird worlds with our own.

He always has a pile of unread books by his bed, runs so that he can eat what he wants, and is aware that his brain is more full of trivial film knowledge than is healthy.

He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and son, and a cat called Sam and dog called Otto.


Forever Reading List

Wuthering Heights  by  Emily Bronte

The Hound of the Baskervilles  by  Arthur Conan-Doyle

The Dark is Rising  by  Susan Cooper

Danny the Champion of the World  by  Roald Dahl

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said  by  Phillip K Dick

A Christmas Carol  by  Charles Dickens

Smoke and Mirrors  by  Neil Gaiman

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen  by  Alan Garner

The Woman in Black  by  Susan Hill

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary  by  M R James

Intervention  by  Julian May

The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami

Northern Lights  by  Philip Pullman

The Murderer's Ape  by  Jakob Wegelius


©2021 by N J Poulton